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About Yucatan For Travelers blog

Over a quarter of a century of inspired exploration and recording of our travels while living in Mérida, Yucatán, has led my wife and me to compile an impressive collection of outings that are the foundation for this story, built one story at a time.
We look beyond the obvious popular tourist attractions, the luxury coast resorts and the modern conveniences of big cities to discover the unique Yucatán. From the Puuc hills to the extensive coast of Yucatán there are thousands of kilometers of paved quiet roads through countless Mayan villages interspersed with colonial haciendas and ancient Mayan ruins, all there just waiting for your visit.
You may travel the world over and never find a stranger or more interesting adventuresome getaway.
The tranquility of Yucatán speaks to us with powerful vibes of the mighty Mayan empire that flourished here.

About the author, John M. Grimsrud

I live with my wife Jane in Mérida, Yucatán, in an ecologically friendly home of my design. I have been biking, photographing, exploring, and writing about the Yucatán for over twenty-five years.

Prior to seeking a new life of adventure in Yucatán, Mexico, we  lived aboard our home built 46-foot sailboat Dursmirg for many years. I have published Travels of Dursmirg, a three book series about our life aboard Dursmirg. My books are available in paperback and eBook editions online at booksellers throughout the world.

In addition we have published Yucatán’s Magic-Mérida Side Trips that covers our extensive tours of Yucatán over the years. With that book you can easily visit, explore and sample the unique treats that only Yucatán has to offer. It contains a bilingual glossary of terms, highlights map, resource guide, plus bus and taxi information for easy do-it-yourself exploring.

The author’s website is: www.bicycleyucatan.com

Here is a list of books that inspired our travels and exploration of the Yucatán and led them to the places that tourists miss most.

Ambivalent Conquests by Inga Clendinnen

Identifying Villa Carlota: German Settlements in Yucatán, México, During the Second Empire (1864-1867) by Alma Judith Durán-Merk

Incidents of Travel in Yucatan by John L. Stephens

Mayan Missions by Richard and Rosalind Perry

Magic Yucatan by Lilo Linke

The Caste War of Yucatán by Nelson A. Reed

The Final Report by Michael Coe

The Maya by Michael Coe

The True History of Chocolate by Sophie and Michael Coe

Time Among The Maya by Ronald Wright

Under the Waters of Mexico by Pablo Bush Romero

Yucatan: A World Apart by Edward H. Mosley and Edward D. Terry

A Yucatan Kitchen by Loretta Miller 2002

©2012 John M. Grimsrud


1 thought on “About the Blog”

  1. Steve Genner said:

    Came across your fabulous blog a little by accident as I will explain. We are a family of 4 ( kids are 12 & 10 ), cycling from Cancun across the Yucatan and then South taking as long as it takes ( 2 years max ) . Our problem seems to be the distance between viable places to stay the night. I guess our confidence level about ariving in a small community and finding somehwere to sleep is a little low at the moment, hopefully this will change. It is way too hot at the moment for camping, and we are acutely aware that our 2 lads need good amounts of sleep and food to do the cycling. We can achieve a max of 70km per day at the moment. We ae approaching Merida and were wondering whether taking the bus south to Campeche was the only option to us ( this is where I came across tour blog ).I know we can get to Santa Elena ok.

    I would love your input as to the accommodation options between Sanat Elena and Ampehe, and then further south of Campeche – any advice would be greatly appreciated

    Steve Genner and family

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